Our Core Beliefs

  • We believe the Bible is God’s Word without error. 
  • We believe God created this world in six days and that He created us in His image. This means we can have a relationship with God.
  • We believe that man chose to sin and now all of us are separated from God because of our sin. 
  • We believe that God sent Jesus Christ into our world to bring us back to God. 
  • We believe Jesus was crucified for our sins and rose again the third day. 
  • We believe Salvation is by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. We can be saved if we turn from our sin and ask God to forgive us and follow Jesus Christ as Lord. 
  • We believe everyone who is saved will desire to follow God’s commands and participate in a local church. 
  • We believe that Jesus is coming again and that He could come at any time.