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Please visit our Youtube or Facebook pages for the

most up-to-date streaming of the service at 9:30am

on Sunday morning. 

Links are here: YOUTUBE & FACEBOOK.

Connect with Us

  • Welcome Card

    Not all of us may want to connect in person just yet, but we want to get connected with you. Click the "Welcome Card" button to be directed to our digital Welcome Card where we would love to hear from you. Maybe you've attended Shelby Road in person, or just found out about us in the past couple weeks; doesn't matter because we're glad you're here now. Be sure to include your mailing address and we would love to send you something just for saying hi!

  • Giving

    We believe that God has blessed us in so many ways that a way of saying thank you is by giving back to him. If you are a visitor, we're not looking for you to participate; but we want to offer the opportunity for others to respond in this unique way of worship. Click the "Giving" button to be directed to our giving page.


    Not everyone may be ready to connect in person just yet; YouTube offers us the platform to reach out to people in this uncertain time.  Not only is Shelby Road Online available on YouTube, but other content is available weekly. Check out our  channel by clicking on the "YouTube" button on the left.

Children's Sunday School

This resource provided by Orange makes every Sunday fun for learning more about God's Word.

If you would like more parenting resources, please email us at